Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baton Rouge Beach Marathon

The Fitbird's came out in a strong show of support for their team members that were running in the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon and Half-Marathon today. We were lucky enough to be asked to volunteer at the finish line and were able to hand out medals to all the athletes that competed in the race. It was a great opportunity to show the public what a strong team we are, as well as share our enthusiasm for all the participants who were running.

Ellen, "Grace", "Coug", "Lizzard", and "Tall Bird" (aka "Crash") not pictured but also present - Koko

We had a two Fitbird's who ran their first half-marathon today ~ Mary Elizabeth Christian and Susan Goudeau, and Andrea Mambretti who ran the full distance. All completed the task with smiles on their faces and were able to take home a medal that they definitely earned today.

Susan and ME

Fitbird's are known for doing things with style, and volunteering their time is just another opportunity to do it with some flare. Overall it was a great experience for those who participated and for those who were able to volunteer their time to come out to help and to cheer on their team!

Lizzard in her BR Beach Get-Up
Ellen demonstrating the correct way to shoulder the medals
Lizzard caught her prey - Samson - the winner of the Marathon

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