Monday, April 4, 2011

Open Water Swim Clinics Coming to Lake Ponchartrain!

False River Open Water Swim
It's that time of year! Tri Season has begun and the water is getting to the point where even a wet-suit may feel too warm soon! There will be a number of Open Water Swim Clinics coming up over the following weeks to help you get prepared for your races this season. Whether you are new to open water or you are an experienced triathlete, you will benefit from the practice of a coached open water swim.

Santa Rosa Open Water Training
Coach Shawhan will instruct you on how to adapt your stroke technique from what you are used to using in the pool setting to an open water setting, as things like chop and current can affect your swim.
Clinics will include special drills for open water swimming and sighting, skills training for swimming with large groups of racers, tips on positioning yourself within your wave, turning efficiently around at the buoys, reading the currents, and getting in and out of your wetsuit quickly.

If you have never participated in one of these clinics, now is the time!

Swim clinics that are held in New Orleans are typically held in the "swim hole" of Lake Ponchartrain, on Lakeshore Drive.

Dates for upcoming clinics will be posted soon!

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